New Pipe Cladding Rig Commissioned

QA Weld Tech has invested £250k in a custom built cladding rig to meet the growing demand for weld overlay of pipe with corrosion resistant alloys. Engineers from QAWT worked with Key Plant of Leek, Staffordshire to design and build a modular rig capable of cladding pipe up to 7.5m long and 1m diameter, down to bores as small as 125mm. Drawing on 30 years of weld overlay experience the Company was able to ensure this latest piece of equipment will meet the needs of the Oil & Gas industry well into the future.

The computer –controlled, twin head, twin wire design uses servo motors to ensure accuracy over a 7.5m travel of 0.02mm, so that stops and starts in even the longest of bores can be achieved without fear of defect.

Windows-based software allows real time monitoring of all welding parameters, taking its readings from the unit’s digital power source. Chiller units cool the AVC motors while an adjustable head stock and spring loaded stands ensure no torsional stresses are introduced into the positional chucks. QAWT’s proprietary self-tensioning jacking system for the guide ropes maintains the welding torch head in the optimal position during cladding.