WeldLinks™ form an integral part of a fully welded jointing system for connecting Polyethylene lined Water Injection pipe and subsea risers, suitable for very high pressure operations and are a cost effective alternative solution to Duplex or Inconel clad pipe.

WeldLink™ has been extensively used in the North Sea, off the west coast of Africa, North Africa and the Middle East in sizes from 4” to 24” in J-Lay, bundle or CMDT methods.

WeldLink™ is now the most widely used weldable connector in high pressure polymer lined pipeline applications. QAWT developed the procedures and techniques for this patented weld joint and having manufactured WeldLinks™ for global customers for over 20 years, QAWT are now the nominated world-wide manufacturer for the Licensee. QAWT continue to develop new and innovative procedures to meet global customer demand.

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