As a leading supplier of flowspools to the offshore oil industry QAWT combines a wide experience of the industry’s requirements to provide a complete project management service embracing all aspects of production, testing, certification and documentation.

  • Flowspool manufacture is carried out by dedicated Induction Bending machines with capacity induction coils used for bending within 2’ – 8”, 2” – 18” and 10” – 30”.
  • All flowspools are jig built to close industry tolerances. Over 650 approved welding procedures are also available for an extensive range of materials, including Super Duplex & Alloy 625.
  • Project specific weld procedures and First Article testing available.
  • QAWT also has extensive bore and RTJ inlay expertise using computer controlled Hot Wire TIG cladding machines to produce fully clad carbon steel production systems.
  • CMM dimensional and CSWIP visual inspection.
  • NDT, post weld heat treatment and hydrostatic pressure testing is available to meet customer specification and API codes.
  • Spool coating and insulation.
  • Protective packing to destination.

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